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Sullivan Ranch Bred Heifer Sale - TX

LOT #1: 124

AI SIRE: Fu Man Chu

AI DATE: 7-Jul

PE INFO: PE 7-12 thro 9-5 Mr TNT (Solid Gold)

PREG CHECK 9-24-18 : Safe to AI Due 4-17-19

COMMENTS: Okay I am having a hard time letting this one go! These are the ones you dream about owning; making long-term plans of potentially profitable pedigrees. She was a past high selling bred on the GCC sale and has made her mark at DSUL! We have eggs in the tank and she is still young genetics at it's best! We feel it's time to share this female that has proven genetic makeup and has produce high seller and champion. We truly feel this beautiful Irish Whiskey donor is something special. We are highlighting this sale with her and her fault free daughter as Lot 2! MIss Sioux 124 is a BEAST and never misses including a BDR steer thats been winning all over Georgia and now in the hunt next month at the 2019 Georgia Nationals!! Talk about offering our best, will here you go and watch out this Lot 1 sells safe to Fu Man Chu!! ** Selling half interest with the option to double up and take all!


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