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Meet the SCO Admin Manager

Hi I'm Jen Hummel and's super awkward making a video of yourself and then posting it online...but in the spirit of being a team player, here I am!

Just over 6 years ago, I met Dave Guyer and Roland Schumaker at a Lone Star Steakhouse in Champaign, Illinois. I pitched myself to them as a potential employee for a company that didn't yet exist and a business concept that was nothing more than some sketches on a legal pad. That week, they offered me a job...and I took it.

Saying "yes" to being a part of the SC Online Sales vision was the easy part. Making that vision a reality...that took time. And perseverance. There were people who said it would never work. The market was too saturated. Our concepts were too crazy. Our platform was too different. No one would buy into such a drastic change.

But here we are, six years later, with a staff of 25 and a business that continues to grow and change for the better every day. We are so proud of what SCO has become, but we're not done yet.

Stay tuned next week to learn more about the two men who built this business...this team...this family. I am so proud to call them my bosses, but also my friends. R&D, thanks for taking a chance on a girl who was probably not the most obvious choice for this changed everything.


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