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The Face Behind SCO - Roland Schumaker

SC Online Sales is essentially the dream of two best friends who had a little idea and a LOT of faith to make that dream a reality.

Without Roland Schumaker, SC Online Sales as we know it would not exist. The SCO brand is an extension of The Show Circuit magazine, which was started by Roland in 1990. Over the course of nearly two decades, he has single-handedly built and managed the successful "SC" publication and brand.

Once Dave and Roland came together on the initial concept for this new online sales platform, branding it was a no-brainer. From there, these two livestock entrepreneurs did what they do best – they built a business.

"I was definitely hopeful and confident that we could produce a product that would serve the purpose in the marketplace. But the amount of traffic and the amount of positive feedback and the amount of truly good things we do for our buyers and sellers is – overwhelming – would be the word I would use. The feedback is really, really good and it makes you feel good at the end of the day." – RS

Listen in to hear more about Roland and his perspective on the history and the future of SC Online Sales!


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