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Live Sale Results results:

Donors on Ice - Des Moines, IA

Sale Gross $550,475.00 - Embryos Avg near $1500 per embryo

Texas Elite Showcase 2019 - Kerrville, TX

Sale Gross $246,900.00 73 Lots Avg $3,382.00

Conley Cattle and Penner Ranch - Ada, Oklahoma

81 Bulls Avg $4,469.00

The Cowtown Classic Simmental Sale - Fort Worth, TX

54 Lots Gross $350,380.00 to Average $6,488.00

Innovation AgMarketing, LLC

Badger Creek Cattle Company

100 Angus and SimAngus Bulls averaged $3,222.50

**High Sellers**

Lot 37-$12,500 Lot 22-$8,500 Lot 1-$7,500 Lot 103-$7,250

Oak Meadow Farms along with guest breeders, Diamond K Simmentals and Five Star Ranch

***High Sellers***

Lot 40-$15,500 Lot 1-$9,500

36 Bulls Avg $4,856 6 Open Females Avg $5,291 31 Bred Females Avg $3,245 1 Flush Avg $4,000

Cotton & Associates

Strong sale at Thomas Angus Idaho Bull Sale Gross: $418,350 Lots: 113 Average: $3,702 Top Lot 120: $7,500 sired by 101 Confidence 176B

Charolais Sale Results:

The Angus Alliance Bull Sale featuring Clift Livestock Ellensburg, Wash- February 15th Auctioneer: C.D. Butch Booker, Colfax, Wash Averages: 13 Charolais Bulls: $3,296

R Lazy B Ranch Aberdeen, SD-February 15th Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar, Belle Fourche, SD Averages: 56 Yearling Bulls: $6,121 Total Sale Gross: $342,776

Broberg Charolais Tilden, Ne-February 13th Auctioneer: Rob Nord, Clinton, Ill Sale Manager: Hubert Cattle Sales, Oakley, Ks Averages: 38 Two-Year-Old Bulls: $4,354 9 Fall Coming Two-Year-Old Bulls: $3,423 47 Total Lots: $4,176 Total Sale Gross: $196,250

Cheyenne Charolais Philip, SD-February 12th Averages: 61 Bulls: $2,960 Total Sale Gross: $180,650

Iowa Beef Expo Des Moines, IA-February 11th Auctioneer: Rob Nord, Clinton, Ill Sale Manager: Hubert Cattle Sales, Oakley, Ks Averages: 32 Bulls: $2,873 9 Bred Heifers: $2,883 16 Open Heifers: $2,369 57 Total Lots: $2,733 Total Sale Gross: $155,800

Bradley 3 Ranch Estelline, Tx-February 9th Auctioneer: Greg Clifton, North Richland Hills, Tx Averages: 65 Bulls: $4,858 Total Sale Gross: $315,770

Stewart Charolais Madison, SD-February 9th Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar, Belle Fourche, SD Averages: 40 Bulls: $4,650 Total Sale Gross: $186,000

Honeyman Charolais Bowman, ND-February 8th Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar, Reva, SD Averages: 64 Bulls: $5,312 Total Sale Gross: $339,968

Spence & Co.

San Angelo Stars Gilt Sale San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo Sale Gross $116,450 On 51 head to average $2283.50 Top Seller: $10,000 Jason Lakey King of The Hill x Cookie

Supreme Gilt: $8,000 Levi Canales Secret Society x Exclusive

Reserve Gilt: $8,750 Levi Canales Kingpin 9-11 x Hat Trick 5-1

Iowa Simmental Association

Simmental Sale Results: Monday, February 11, 2019 Auctioneer: Jon Schaben Sale Manager: Dwyer Cattle Services

Number of States Cattle Sold Into: 8 Total Sale Gross: $296,000 Total Number of Lots Sold: 96 Total Number of Live Lots Sold: 92 Total Live Lot Average: $3,167

Total Number of Bulls Sold: 58 Total Bull Sale Gross: $194,650 Total Bull Sale Average: $3,356

Total Females Sold: 34 Total Female Sale Gross: $96,700 Total Female Sale Average: $2,844

Total Embryo Lots Sold: 4 Total Embryo Sale Gross: $4,650 Total Embryo Lot Sale Average: $1,163

HIGH-SELLING SIMMENTAL BULL $8,250 – Lot 24 Long’s American Muscle Consigned by: Long’s Simmental, Creston, IA Sold to: Scott Decker, Seymour, IN

HIGH-SELLING SIMMENTAL FEMALE $6,500 – Lot 82 Ruby's Firefly 790E Consigned by: Ruby Cattle Co., Murray, IA Sold to: Eugene Moody Farms, Maxwell, IA

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