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LOT #1: 9017

Sire: Tuff

Dam: Blacktail x (Mufasa's Sister)

DOB: November 2018

Sex: Wether

The excitement surrounding the November and December flush groups is unprecedented. We have decided to start out with a smaller sale set that is stacked deep with exceptionally high-end prospects. If you are considering making a run at a state fair this cape wether should be on your short list. Undoubtedly, he is one of the most unique creatures to go through our barn. Skeletal assembly does not get much better than this. Those that raise livestock for the show industry know just how hard it is to create the unique look and trendy build that a high neck set, shallow chest floor and stout legs presents while maximizing terminal traits. Tag 9017 does it at the highest level. This will be an outlier, despite which state or national show you are targeting. There are few goats in the country sold that have this degree of ring presence. Producing wethers like tag 9017 fulfills the many aspirations that one sets forth with when your goal is to raise the most elite show wethers possible.

Hummel Livestock * Dale: (815) 405-4111; Craig: (815) 383-9727; Tara (815) 584-7601


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