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Hoier Show Cattle Bred Heifer Sale - NE

LOT #2: E7120

Consignor: Hoier Cattle - Buck (402) 533-0732

Sire: W/C Lock Down 2062 (ASA# 2658496) Dam: Bismark/Macho DOB: February 2017 Sex: Bred Heifer Breed: 5/8 Angus 3/8 Simm

Welcome to Hoier Cattle’s 7th Annual Online Bred Heifer Sale. This set of heifers is sired by notable names and genetics of today’s cattle industry. They are all AI’ed to calving ease bulls and cleaned up to sons of Gold Standard and Barstow Cash.

This year we ultra sound tested heifers 50 days post AI to determine which ones settle to the AI. We pregnancy checked them again on December 13th and vaccinated them with Scour Bos 9, Salmonella Vaccine, Vision 7, BoviShield Gold 5 with FP, injectable Dectomax, and poured with Clean Up. Majority of these heifers are bred early, so we would appreciate buyers picking up their cattle within two weeks of sale. 

I would like to note what a great country we live and work in.  We have a President that is supporting Agriculture, American trade rights and the life style we all love. With continued global unrest, I hope you all continue to support our service men and women that provide us with protection. Freedom isn’t free. Thank a veteran, service man/woman, police office, fireman, etc.  We are grateful to all those that serve. 

Thank you for taking your time to view our Online Heifer Sale. Wishing you all a successful 2019.

God Bless.

Hoier Cattle


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