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SC2Day Super Bowl Trivia #2

The second set of Super Bowl Trivia is True/False. See if you can beat a friend....

Q1: True or False- At every Super Bowl, two Lombardi trophies are present in the unfortunate event that one is accidentally destroyed in the celebrations.

A1: True. BTW the Lombardi Trophy weighs about the same as a newborn baby. Human baby, that is.

Q2: True or False - The largest Super Bowl ring ever made for a champion player was size 20.

A2: False. William “The Refrigerator” Perry of the 1985 Chicago Bears hold the record for the largest Super Bowl Ring. His size 25 band was so large that it required multiple machines to construct.

Q3: True or False -Phil Simms was paid $75,000 to shout "I'm going to Disney World” on the field moments after his Giants won Super Bowl XXI.

A3: True. Disney also paid Denver’s John Elway the same amount of money to yell the same thing—just in case his team won.

Q4: True or False - The team that has lost the most Super Bowls is the Denver Broncos.

A4: True. The Broncos have lost 5 Super Bowls.

Q5: True or False: The 1985 Chicago Bears recorded a hit rap song called "Super Bowl Shuffle," which was won for a Grammy Award for Best Rhythm and Blues Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal.

A5: False. While wildly popular and indeed nominated for a Grammy, the "Super Bowl Shuffle" lost to Prince & the Revolution's "Kiss."


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