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SC2Day Super Bowl Trivia #1

Can't wait for the big game tonight? Here's something to help you pass the time. We'll be posting Super Bowl Trivia throughout the day. Challenge somebody!

Q1: How many father and son combos have made it to the Super Bowl?

A1: Five: Julius & Keith Adams, Frank & Frank C Cornish, Tony & Anthony Dorsett, Bob & Brian Griese, and Manu & Marques Tuiasosopo

Q2: Which player, when asked if he preferred grass or Astroturf, replied: "I don't know ... I never smoked Astroturf"?

A2: Joe Namath, Jets quarterback

Q3: Which team played 4 Super Bowls, but has never led a Super Bowl for even a single second?

A3: Minnesota Vikings

Q4: What QB won all four of his Super Bowl appearances, and did it without throwing a single interception in any of those games?

A4: Joe Montana

Q5: Who is the only player from a losing team to be named MVP?

A5: Chuck Howley, the MPV winner from the 1971 Super Bowl

Stay tuned, we'll have more trivia for you before noon central time.


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