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Graduation Gift Ideas

‘‘Tis the time of year for Cap & gowns. For graduation announcements & ceremonies. For parties & celebrations. And before you know it, time for the class if 2019 to pack up and move off. Whether or not they are moving off to college or to start that first job, good gifts are always appreciate!

Here are some of the top suggested graduation gifts:

1. Money

2. Gift cards - fuel, food, book stores, ect.

3. Airline gift cards (everyone wants to fly home for state fairs)

4. Laundry supplies such as detergent pods, fabric softener and an iron. Paper products such as paper plates, paper towels, and toilet paper.

5. Luggage

6. Sams/Costco membership

7. Subscription to The Show Circuit, that way you don’t miss an issue


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