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What is Courtney's Favorite Spot to Eat During FWSS?

I don’t consider a trip to the FWSS a success without being able to GRUB down at the Velvet Taco! This past weekend, my livestock judging team and I participated in the goat judging contest at the FWSS. I say participate because it wasn’t our best outing to say the least. Oh well, better luck next year. It is our yearly tradition to eat brunch at the Velvet Taco before the contest. Here I am with a Coke and a Smile before we went to “participate."

I am looking forward to being back at the FWSS to show my goat, hang with friends and family and of course go back to the Velvet Taco.

Fun Fact about me: I don’t eat the tacos, I get the queso. Actually, I basically just eat queso wherever I go!

The Velvet Taco is at 2700 W 7th St. if you want to give it a try.


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