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Sneak Peek at Next Issue's On & Off the Circuit: Kashen and Brecken Nelson of Kansas

Way out in west, in Tribune, Kan., there is a brother-sister duo who were born with a passion for animals running through their veins. Kashen and Brecken Nelson have spent hours upon hours with their lambs and goats–from lambing and kidding to washing, clipping, showing and selling them. The children of NyCole and Kevin Nelson have learned the value of hard work and what it takes to succeed both on and off the circuit.

While you'll have to wait until the August issue of The Show Circuit comes out for the full story, here's a little sneak peek at these great kiddos!

Kashen Nelson is 13. He shows Boer Goats and Hamp, Southdown and Shrop sheep.

His favorite memory was winning Reserve Supreme Overall Ewe at the 2018 National Jr. Hampshire Show. He also won Champion Intermediate Showmanship.

Brecken Nelson is only 9 but she's already brought home showmanship awards from the National Western and the Kansas Junior Livestock Show!

She wants to be a sheep vet someday and hates blow drying her animals, so she made a deal with her brother to wash while he blow dries.

Be watching in the mail AND at your State Fair because the new Show Circuit is coming out soon, with over 500 sales in it, the rest of this feature story and much more!


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