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Show Day is Good for Pecos

Sunday - It’s finally show day! Lucky for me, the Angus didn't show until 1:00 pm and I was in class 12 so we had plenty of time to feed, rinse, blow dry and let my heifer rest. I was at the barn by 7am to get all of that work started. Such a late start was a treat because usually I’m at the barn way earlier than that on a show day.

Cowboy tip: Baby powder helps boots slide on easier.

Last minute show strategy talk with my dad before heading to the make up arena.

My class showed around 3:00pm and there were 32 heifers in my Sept-Oct class! I didn’t know how we would all fit into the ring because I had watched a class earlier with about 20 head and it was pretty tight for them. I was towards the end of the class for line up and when I walked into the arena it was jam packed! I had to show really well in order to have room to get my heifer set up and not get covered by someone else.

The judge worked pretty fast to pull heifers from the bottom up and spent more time on the higher placing heifers. That meant walking forward to fill the gaps in the line and setting up again almost constantly. All of my work at home paid off because I was able to walk my heifer into the profile pose pretty much every time. I ended up placing fifth and for such a huge class and competition I was happy with that, but I was also really tired after being in the ring for so long!. 

After the show they announced that I had won showmanship of the entire Angus show! I was really proud because there were close to 200 exhibitors in the Angus show. It is such an honor to win showmanship and what a great memory for my first Texas major Angus show! As Dale Brisby would say, “On to the next one!”

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