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SDSU Celebrates Invention of Cookies 'n Cream Flavor 40 years Later

South Dakota State University is celebrating a milestone as it relates to one of its flavors of ice cream. Back in 1979, Cookies 'n Cream was invented by the dairy plant on the campus. Since that time, the dairy science program has grown along with the memories made.

"Ice cream is a piece of what you see here, but it's also the program. The program, as a whole, dairy manufacturing, dairy production, food science, you look at the students and what they do, the students what they do during school and here after graduation, they are leading the industry," Vikram Mistry said, who is the head of the dairy and food science department.

Mistry said the program looks forward to another 40 years of making ice cream.

He said the ice cream is special because of the pure ingredients that are used and the effort that goes into making it.

The three people credited with creating Cookies 'n Cream are dairy plant manager, Shirley Seas, and dairy science students, Joe Leedom and Joe Van Treeck. In 2013, the flavor was named best ice cream treat in South Dakota by Food Network Magazine.

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