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SALE DATE CHANGE! Kelly Cattle Company

Due the dangerous below zero temps, high winds, and substantial snow fall, we feel it is better that we keep our clientele safe and off the roads Friday. As much as it pains us to move the big 20th Annual Right Direction Female Sale, we simply can't put people at that much risk.

We are moving the sale to this Sunday, January 27th at 2 pm and we appreciate how many of you have already indicated you would make this date work to support us. We can't thank you enough, you know what it means to put on a sale like this, and it was such a hard decision knowing some of you can't make it on Sunday, but are grateful you will give us your bid allowances so you can be in the running.

This is a gorgeous set of breds, and those of you that came recently have stated just that! On behalf of Mark, Dave, myself, my family and sale staff, thank you for being there for us, it means more than we can express.

See you Sunday at 2pm!  We may have sunshine, and for sure will have cake, spiffy new hats and an ELITE set of breds!

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