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PED found in OYE Show Pigs This Week

Alert from the Oklahoma State Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources:

Porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) virus was diagnosed in some pigs this week at the 2019 Oklahoma Youth Expo.

The PEDv is a disease occurring only in pigs, caused by a coronavirus that produces acute and severe outbreaks of diarrhea that rapidly transmits among all ages of pigs.

"The most important thing to do is to quarantine the pigs when the kids return home from the show. The pigs should be isolated from any other pigs for at least 30 days. All of their equipment, feed buckets, vehicles and trailers need to be cleaned. The kids should change clothes and shower before having any contact with any other swine. During their day-to-day chores, they should feed and water the isolated pigs last. If any pigs become sick, they should contact their veterinarians immediately." — Dr. Barry Whitworth, Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension veterinarian.

More information on PEDv can be found below. 🔗: 🔗:

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