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Pecos Has One of 3,500 Steers Being Shown in Fort Worth This Week

Bringing the Heat in Fort Worth 

It has been hot in Texas this week. My dad left at 10pm on Monday night so the trailer ride would be a little cooler for my heavyweight steer, Vern. The wait to get into the barn was about 12 hours! 

Vern loading the trailer.

Vern getting his last look at our barn.

Wednesday's high was in the seventies and the barns were very hot (we are not allowed to have fans at this show), but luckily it was cloudy enough for my steer to stay in tie-outs most of the day. Since I brought an exotic steer I had to turn in a weight card but didn’t have to go through classification.

In Fort Worth if your steer doesn’t classify you don’t get to show, and you have to wait until Friday to go home! The line for classification was really long and I’m glad I got to skip that. We rinsed Vern twice today to keep him cool and hopefully keep him eating well. The plan for Thursday is to keep Vern as cool and comfortable as possible, do some touch up clipping on him and watch some of the steer show. I will show on Friday. Vern can’t wait for the cool front to get here!

Almost to the arena.

Finally into the air conditioning.

Stay tuned to see how the show turns out for Pecos.


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