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Pecos and Vern's Run Ends in Fort Worth

The Measure of Success

After four days in Fort Worth, it is clear Vern is not a city steer. We thought he would get used to the lights and sounds but he never really settled in or ate and drank as much as we would have hoped. But we still did our best to get him looking good and ready for the show. Since we’ve only been to “blow and go” shows, this was his first real trip to the steer salon to get fully fitted for his walk in the Watt Arena. 

Vern in the steer salon.

I could tell Vern was nervous walking out from behind the “famous blue tarp" they have as you enter the ring in Fort Worth. He was in high gear, but didn’t try to get away from me, and he got his first good look from the judge but I didn’t get pulled.

Vern’s first good look from the judge.

So we lined up at the rail and Vern got his second good look from the judge but still didn’t get pulled. It was time to exit the ring, or what is know as making the final lap, and Vern got his third good look from the judge; I  got pulled and I was very excited about that. I ended up placing 16th in a class of over 60 extremely good heavyweight exotic steers.

Vern being handled by the judge after he was pulled for judging.

“Success does not lie in 'Results' but in 'Efforts.' 'Being' the best is not so important, 'Doing' the best is all that matters…” - unknown author

Vern waiting in line to go to the “floor” pens. He was eager to move freely in the pens after four days on the halter.

Even though I didn’t make the sale, I did my very best to prepare Vern for the show and show him the best I could, so my week at Fort Worth may not have been legendary, but it was still successful. 

The long line of steers that didn’t make the premium sale but are being sold for market price.

Vern will be leaving Fort Worth on one of these semi trucks with his new steer buddies.

It’s time to find my next Fort Worth steer!

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