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Ohio Pigs Summer Show Circuit

Thank you to Linde Sutherly for sharing her great pics! Order yours from Linde at

LVS Jackpot

Champion Breeding Gilt - Grayden Sproull

4th Overall Breeding Gilt

Champion Market Hog - Crossbred Market Gilt

Reserve Champion Market Hot - Crossbred Barrow

3rd Overall Market Hog

4th Overall Market Hog

Marion Pork Producers

Breeding Gilts

Champion Breeding Gilt - Crossbred

Reserve Champion Breeding Gilt - Berkshire

3rd Overall Breeding Gilt - York

4th Overall Breeding Gilt - Reserve York

5th Overall Breeding Gilt - Duroc

Market Hogs

Champion Market Hog - Crossbred

Reserve Champion Market Hog - Reserve Crossbred

3rd Overall Market Hog - York

4th Overall Market Hog - Crossbred Market Gilt

5th Overall Market Hog


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