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More Junior Heifer Winners at the Ohio State Fair

Thank you to Linde Sutherly for sharing her great pics! Order yours from Linde at

Champion Chianina shown by Addy Shaffer

Reserve Chianina shown by Kathy Lehman

Champion Angus shown by Maggie Davis

Reserve Angus shown by Sydney Sanders

Champion AOB shown by Kathy Lehman

Reserve AOB shown by Bailey Garwood

Champion Maine shown by Austin Hunker

Reserve Maine shown by Hannah Schroeder

Champion Maintainer shown by Austin Hunker

Reserve Champion Maintainer shown by Kathy Lehman

Champion Crossbred shown by Audi Albert

Reserve Crossbred shown by Dalton Kennedy

Champion Shorthorn shown by MaKayla Grauel

Reserve Shorthorn shown by Alyssa Carter

Champion Shorthorn Plus shown by Erin Dilenger Lawerence

Reserve Shorthorn Plus shown by Dawson Osborn

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