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Last week we kicked-off our sheep Team introductions with Justin Nathan, and this week we are B-A-C-K with the beauty (and brains!) keeping the sheep team in check!

Torie Janee Schwartz is the total package (just ask Justin) But seriously...when it comes to the livestock industry this girl is about as well-rounded as she can get. Torie grew up in Indiana raising and showing cattle with her family, she judged at Blackhawk East and Western Illinois University, worked for the National Swine Registry / National Junior Swine Association (NJSA) for a few years after college and now she is the right-hand woman at Nathan Club Lambs.

With her diverse background and a deep-rooted passion for the livestock industry, Torie has been an incredible asset to #TEAMSCO since she came on board last year. She helps book and manage sales from start to finish, providing the top-notch customer service SCO has built its name around.

Thanks for all you do, Torie!!

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