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Meet Brody Leo

We also featured Brody Leo in our last issue in our On & Off The Circuit! Check out what he had to say below!

My name is Brody Leo, I’m 13 years old and live in Snelling, CA. I have been showing steers since I was 8 years old. The last couple of years, I started showing Hereford heifers. My brother Tristan who is 9 just started showing steers this year. My family and I operate Leo Bros. Cattle Company where we raise club calves and run commercial cattle and yearlings. We also operate a diversified farming operation of almonds and hay. My dad, Matt is a partner in a commodity trading firm and is very involved in the almond Industry. My mom, Amanda is a partner in a produce and seed company. Our family is very involved in California’s ag industry and my dad has had the opportunity to judge many cattle shows across the United States. Last fall, I had the opportunity to go with him to Waco, Texas where he judged a steer show. We also toured Texas A&M University which was very fun.

One of my favorite memories so far was winning the California State Fair 2 years ago with my steer Mr. Incredible! Unfortunately, this year our state fair has been canceled BUT WE WILL BE BACK next year! My favorite steer I ever showed was a steer named Batman. I was only 8 years old, but dad and I practiced and practiced showing and grooming him. We took him to three shows that spring and he won all three of them! From then on, I was hooked and I’ve been very fortunate to have a lot of good steers make it to the back drop. It takes an army to get these steers ready and we have had so many friends and a great crew that has helped get them to look the part.

With that said Faris Simon has helped me every inch of the way and his sister Layne has helped me hone in my showmanship skill’s. Faris has selected and helped me prepare my steers and more importantly been there with a pat on the back and words of encouragement win lose or draw he is family and I’m very grateful for all he has done. The cool thing is 20 years ago my dad helped him with his steers. It’s been a very fun ride! J Newton is also someone I look up to and he has also had a huge impact on my show career. Jose Tellez has been on the ranch since I was born. He keeps things going and helps me out a lot.

On show day for good luck I always use a purple scotch comb and always put a pack of gum in my show harness too! Dad and I always go up to the ring and see how the cattle are being lined up we make a game plan.

When I’m not showing, I’m busy with school, 4-H and doing chores. My favorite movie is Star Wars and I really like the Lord of the Rings books. However, my favorite food is BBQ Ribs! I enjoy going to shows and seeing my friends and working with my calves, BUT I don’t like washing them!

Showing cattle is important to me and my family and so is the ranching way of life. I’m thankful for the opportunity to show cattle and the lessons and experiences I’ve learned. I can’t wait for shows to start back up out west here again, but in the mean time I’ll keep practicing! My college plans are to hopefully attend Harvard University and become a lawyer someday. For right now I will enjoy school, get good grades and hopefully it all works out!

Thank you to the Show Circuit Magazine for allowing me the opportunity to share my story and thanks to all my family and friends that have been there to support me!


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