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Lightweight Simbrah Steer Tops Houston Carcass Results

Surprised? There are a few Simbrah breeders in Texas who aren't. Congratulations to Gabriela Trevino of Somerset FFA, whose steer won the lightweight class, had these stats at harvest: LW 1181 lbs.; CW 795 lbs. Adj. FT 0.32; REA 15.8; KPH 2%; YG 1.67; Mat. A; Marb SlAb 40; QG Pr-.

The second place carcass went to the Reserve Champion Red Cross steer, owned by Savannah Lindgren of Travis County 4-H. Her steer's carcass stats were: LW 1263 lbs.; CW 914 lbs.; adj FT 0.48; REA 18.4; KPH 2%; YG 1.69; Mat. A; Marb SlAb 80; QG Pr-.

Overall, 69.5% of the Houston steers graded Choice, average CW was 848 lbs., average REA was 16.3 and average FT was 0.49. From a Yield Grade standpoint, 45% were YG 1, 64% were YG 2.

The entire results and other species can be found on the HLS&R website results page.

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