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Iowa Maine-Anjou Scholarship Application


Deadline for Application is July 1, 2019

may also be found on the Iowa Maine Anjou website.

Iowa Maine-Anjou Scholarship Application Requirements

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Scholarship Eligibility

Applicant must be an Iowa resident.

Applicant must be a high school senior or current college student.

Applicant must be an Iowa Junior Maine-Anjou Association Member.

(Iowa Junior members may apply for both State and national Scholarship.)

Contestants are not limited to attending a four-year college. Vocational schools, trade schools and community colleges are also acceptable.

Amount of Scholarship

Equal to half of the interest available from IMAA Certificate (Approximately $500).

Selection of Winners

Applicants must apply to the IMAA.

The IMAA Scholarship committee will then narrow to no more than six applications. Applicants must then make themselves available for final interviews.

Criteria to be used by the judges in their selection of the High School Senior / Post Secondary Scholarship

1. Neatness of applications, which must be in the applicant’s own handwriting (5 points).

a. Use of language

b. Spelling

c. Punctuation

d. Penmanship

2. Personal interview. The ability of the applicant to sell himself/herself (20 points).

3. Scholarship (10 points). A transcript of the applicant’s high school or university, vocational or trade school grades.

4. Past accomplishments with cattle (10 points).

5. Leadership accomplishments (10 points).

6. Initiative and participation (25 points). The ability to start, stay with and finish a project. This should include extra-curricular activities at your current school. In the case of post secondary applicants, credit will be given to students employed to assist with school expenses.

7. A handwritten essay of up to 500 words on “Why I feel it is important to further my education” (25 points).

Deadline for Applications

Students must have their applications turned in by July 1, 2019, to the Scholarship Coordinator of the Iowa Maine-Anjou Association: Jim Opperman , 10493 290th St, Manning, IA 51455

There will be no discrimination concerning race, color, national origin, religion, sex, or handicap.

Judging of Final Entries

Judging will take place during the Iowa State Fair. The exact time and place will be determined by the availability of the judges and will be made known to the applicants as soon as it can be determined. Judging will not interfere with any applicant showing cattle during the show.

Announcement of Winners

Winners will be announced at the Iowa State Fair.

Iowa Maine-Anjou Scholarship Application




Phone #:

High School Attended:

Date of Graduation:

Father’s Name:

Mother’s Name:

List of Major Interests:


Extra Curricular:


Leadership Accomplishments:

Past Accomplishments with Cattle:

College/School you plan to attend:

Area of Study:

Attach your handwritten essay, “Why I feel it is important to further my education.”

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