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Houston Buyers Set World Record with $625,000 bid for Grand Champion Steer

Lillyan Digby, 18, of Hermleigh, Texas, takes home $85,000 of the $625,000 bid for her Champion Steer. The rest goes into Houston's scholarship program.

Julie and Alan Kent, McCarthy Building Companies, Schaefer Ranchwear/Emily and Robert Clay, and Kristina and Paul Somerville broke the world record with their $625,000 bid for the Junior Market Steer Grand Champion.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo auctions are focused on supporting education and helping the students in their future endeavors.

“We are committed to our mission,” Paul Somerville said. His wife, Kristina Somerville, expanded on that mission and said that because the students show perseverance and dedication throughout the Rodeo, they deserve to be rewarded.

“The one thing that no one can take away from any of these students is their education. What we are here to do is help them get that education. I think everyone deserves a chance,” Kristina said.

Ethan Drager, 15, of Bridgeport, Texas, takes home $45,000 of the record $367,000 bid for his Reserve Champion Steer.

The Champagne Cowgirls also broke a world record with their $367,000 bid for Ethan Drager’s steer “Ranger.” Drager was crowned the Junior Market Steer Reserve Champion at the selection on Friday, March 15.

Ellie Francisco, a buyer for the Champagne Cowgirls, said they received letters from past exhibitors who say they would not be able to attend college or further their education without the support of buyers at the auction.

“That is what means so much to us. We are all about helping these kids because they are our future,” Francisco said.

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