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Herefords On the Hill - Bailey Clanton

If you could host a Jr Nationals anywhere in the world where would it be?

In my opinion, traveling to different locations is one of the greatest parts of any junior national and this question honestly has me stumped at the moment… I’d hate to limit anyone but with all of the exciting things we have brewing in the United States I’d love to bring the kiddos back to Kansas City to a new facility. I’m extremely proud to be a Kansas girl and can’t wait for that day to happen and the Herefords come home to KC!

What is your favorite Jr activity that takes place during Jr nationals?

There’s no way I can limit it! The Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE), just like any junior national provides something for everyone and it’s extremely exciting for me to see our members get involved. However, if you had to pin me down, I’m a softy for the showring, especially the Top 10 Senior Showmanship Finals. The showring is a chance for me to watch all of our exhibitors grow up with a love for livestock and to build their confidence. Couple that with the competitiveness and intensity that is exhibited and highlighting the individuals fitting skills it really takes the showmanship contest to the next level. Not to mention the honor that it portrays, it’s something that I think makes the JNHE unique.

Where was the first Jr national you attended? And when?

O gosh, thanks for letting me age myself! My very first jr nationals was Shorthorns in 2000 in Kansas City for Midwest Magic.

Amy Cowan & Bailey Clanton

Who has had the biggest influence in your life?

To be honest there’s more than one, depends on when in my life. My god parents, Steve & Jacque Sundgren were the ones who got me started (showing sheep I might add lol), if it wasn’t for them I would never have found my love for the livestock industry, as my family was purely construction industry and not so much on the animal front. I have spent countless

hours in the feed truck, checking pastures, going to my first county fair and so much more with them. Fast forward and there’s the Cates family, I met them in 2003, traveled to lord knows how many shows with them, worked for them, spent summers, spring breaks and even Christmas breaks in Modoc. Even to this day they has pushed me to do my best, even if it’s for the other red and white breed 😊. However, after 7 years at the American Hereford Association an finding a career that I love and learn so much at every single day, I’d have to say my biggest influence today is Amy Cowan. I have the opportunity to learn from the best. She answers all of my questions no matter how crazy, puts up with my insane ideas, plus without her, I wouldn’t have found my home if I wouldn’t have been selected her intern so many years ago.

If you had one piece of advice to people traveling to Jr nationals, what would it be? GO! I have visited countless states, facilities, shows, met some of my greatest friends and found a career in an industry that means so much to me.

If you could go back and tell 18-year-old you one thing what would it be?

O my! Obtain the double major you second guessed. I majored in Agricultural Economics with an option in Farm and Ranch Management, as crazy as it may seem, this degree tested me, but I never gave it up and I loved it. However, I took plenty of Animal Science and Business classes and should have met with an advisor to plan a double major of Animal Science with an option in business as I graduated one class shy of a business minor and I would say that is my biggest regret of my college career.


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