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Hazen Byrd Just Wants to Sleep in the Barn

All he wants is to stay in the barn with the baby, jeez mom! This might be the cutest video of a ranch kid you have ever seen. Hazen Byrd and his family live and run cattle around Beeler, Kansas. Hazen is 4 years old and mom Tiffany says, "He loves everything about ranch life. Loves, loves calving season as you can tell! Can also run the skid steer by himself, LOL, and knows everything there is to know about one. He has two older brothers and is a complete skid steer and animal lover.

Hazen has also spent a lot of time in hospitals, fighting leukemia. He was diagnosed at 2 years old, in April 2017.

"He is in remission now and we are in the maintenance stage of treatment," Tiffany explains. "We have about 21 more months of treatment. When we were first diagnosed, we had to go to KC once a week for treatment and had numerous hospital stays. He still gets chemo daily but now we just go to KC once a month for check ups and chemo through his port. If he happens to get a fever, we have to be flown to KC. We have flown a total of five times since this has started."

If you'd like to follow this family's journey, they have a Facebook page called Standing for Hazen.

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