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Goodbye National Western, 2019

The livestock shows are done, there are just a couple things left on the schedule on this final day in Denver. Next time it will look very different, but it will still be a grandaddy of all shows where people come to see the next great one, no matter the breed. And tell each other, "Remember when?"

And as always, when the major shows come to and end there is another goodbye to the animals we have cared for so carefully for many months. The photos below show Kaden and Kamlynn Mason of Montgomery, Texas, saying those kinds of goodbyes. Even though Kaden showed the Champion Landrace and Res Champion Lightweight Division Cross it doesn't make those final moments any less hard. #SC2Day #showcircuit #best16daysinjanuary #brockmanfarms

"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."-- Winnie the Pooh


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