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Get to know Reece Redwine!

Our latest On & Off The Circuit is Reece Redwine! Get to know her here!

Age: 11

Species and Breeds that You Show: The breeds I show British, Exotic and American steers. I really like the American and British Breeds. This is my first year showing an exotic at a major.

Favorite Show: My favorite show is Ft. Worth!!! Because of all the memories we’ve made there with my friends and family. This year was fun because my steer Tonto won class 12 of the heavy European Crosses. It was cool and a great experience.

Favorite Show Memory: My favorite memory from a show is when I won Reserve Red Angus at San Antonio last year. My steer’s name was Rudy and he was special. But really, it’s because my Dad was so proud of how I showed and worked.

Favorite Show Animal: My favorite show animal is named Pickle Rick, he is a shorthorn. He is super special and we call him the “Miracle Calf,” because we almost lost him this Summer. He’s my best friend.

Anything You Use for Good Luck: The only thing I can think of that has been good luck, is our green bucket. We have taken it to all of the shows and I’ve done really well.

Least Favorite Show Barn Activity: I would say washing and blowing are my least favorite barn activi- ties, but my Dad wouldn’t like that answer. So I’m going to say scooping poop!

My Favorite Book/Author:

My favorite book is anything by Raina Telgemeier.

Favorite Movie: My favorite movie is Maleficent.

Favorite Food: My favorite is definitely steak and butter noodles. I’m pretty picky!

College Plans: My future plans are to go to Texas Tech and get an animal science degree. Then go to Texas Tech Vet school. I want to become a vet and open my own practice.

Anyone I Would Like To Thank: I’d like to thank my family but really my Dad. He does everything for me, like feed my steers, and wash them when I’m not there. I want to thank Victoria Lewis, she comes and helps us. She’s taught me so much this year. Also, I’d like to thank Micha, he’s helped me become a better showman and makes my steers look good. He always says, “Don’t embarrass me.”

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