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Georgia Limousin Field Day

Georgia Limousin Association Field Day June 16th, 2019 - Cleveland, GA

Judge: Tim Street of Taylorsville, GA

Champion Lim-Flex: AUTO Felina ET, a 10/25/18 50% daughter of HA Cowboy Up 5405, exhibited by Keely Shultz.

Reserve Lim-Flex/Champion Bred & Owned: LLR Violet 127F, a 1/27/18 75% daughter of JNHS Blaze 320B exhibited by Abigail Hutchins.

Champion Limousin: KLLR Fern 101F, a 1/1/2018 87% daughter of JNHS Blaze 320B exhibited by Kylie Bartlett

Reserve Limousin: LILD Fruitcake 05F, a 3/6/2018 daughter of MAGSW Usual Suspect 538U exhibited by Carsyn Kennedy.

Reserve Bred & Owned: KLCS Ester 401F, a 4/1/2018 50% daughter of EF Xcessive Force exhibited by Keely Shultz. Keely was also champion intermediate showman.

Champion Steer: PAFA 850, a 10/15/18 18% son of GCC Whiskey 6421D exhibited by Kaylee McEntire.

Reserve Steer: KLCS Homer 102F, a 10/28/18 75% son of Wulf's Home Run 9226AA exhibited by Keaton Shultz.

Champion Senior Showman: Zoie Boling

Champion Junior Showman: Evan Burns


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