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Four Sets of Twins Just Graduated in Ag Business at Iowa State

The students include Ashley and Taylor (standing) Uthe from Riceville, Iowa; Isaac and Aric (standing) Luzum from Decorah, Iowa; Reid and Reese (standing) Drenth from Decorah, Iowa; and Taylor and Austin (standing) Thul from Denison, Iowa.

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences will graduate four sets of twins majoring in agricultural business this spring. All eight students come from agricultural backgrounds and have strong bonds with one another. The students took time from their busy schedules to reflect on their experiences at Iowa State and their future plans.

Isaac and Aric Luzum

Major: Ag Business

Hometown: Decorah, Iowa

Agriculture Background:

“We grew up on a small farm, diversified with crops and livestock,” Isaac said. “It keeps us on our toes.”

Why Iowa State?

Both of our parents work off the farm so that’s why we came to Iowa State. It gave us the opportunity to stay involved in agriculture and then go back and hopefully bring something back to the farm,” Aric said.

“Also, it’s hard to beat the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State. It’s a blessing to have it in our own backyard. Our older brother also went here as well,” Isaac said.

Describe your relationship/experience as twins:

It’s nice to always have a person to connect with. We have the same mindset, and can read each other pretty well,” said Isaac.

“In high school, we had Luzum Brothers Poultry hats made, and kind of as a joke, we decided to put our first names on the side. It was nice because we could tell whose hats was whose, but it was more so for other people,” said Isaac. “We’d kind of turn our head a little bit while talking to people so they would know who they were speaking to.”

Future Plans:

“We each got jobs on the opposite sides of the state,” Isaac said. “I will be working for NEW Cooperative as an agronomy sales trainee.”

“I will be a service technician with Brynsaas Sales and Service,” Aric said.

Austin and Taylor Thul

Majors: Ag Business and Economics

Minor: Agronomy

Hometown: Denison, Iowa

Agriculture Background:

Our family is a part of the industry,” Austin said. “Our grandpa had a seed business, our dad is an agronomist and our mom works for Iowa State Extension doing things for 4-H.”

How has Iowa State helped prepare you for your future?

 “Iowa State helped me get a couple of internships that got me more into the agricultural industry,” said Austin. “It’s provided me with a lot of knowledge that I was able to use in my internships.”

“The CALS career fair alone has helped tremendously and given us many opportunities,” Taylor said.

Describe your relationship/experience as twins:

If you look at our resumes, they’re pretty close to being identical,” said Taylor. “Every job we’ve ever had has been the same, although sometimes we’ve been in different locations.”

Future Plans:

“I have recently accepted a position with NEW Cooperative as the Grain Originator Specialist in Sloan, IA” Austin said. “Taylor is currently in the process of deciding which opportunity to accept.”

Ashley and Taylor Uthe

Majors:  Taylor: Ag Business and Accounting Ashley: Ag Business and Finance

Hometown: Riceville, Iowa

Agriculture Background:

“We grew up on a cattle farm, so Ashley and I were both really involved in that growing up,” Taylor said.

“Our whole family is involved in the ag industry,” Ashley said. “Our mom works for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and our dad is a farmer.”

Why Iowa State?

“We have an older brother who came to Iowa State and he majored in agriculture,” Taylor said. “We were kind of undecided and we both knew we liked agriculture and business as well, so our brother recommended the ag business program to us.”

What’s it like to have a twin on the same campus/in the same major as you?

It’s helpful to have each other to study with,” Ashley said.

“It’s nice to have your twin on campus,” Taylor said. “We grew up in a super small town so we were always together in the same friend groups and playing sports, so I think it would have been a big adjustment if we would have went to different schools.”

Future Plans: “I will be working for IMT Insurance,” Ashley said.

“I will be working for John Deere in the accounting and finance department,” Taylor said.

Reese and Reid Drenth

Majors: Reese: Ag Business and Economics Reid: Ag Business

Hometown: Decorah, Iowa

Agriculture Background: “Our parents farmed outside of town,” Reid said. “It started out as a dairy farm, then it turned to beef cattle.”

“Our parents also have a corn and soybean operation to accompany the cattle operation,” Reese said.

Why Iowa State?

“Ag business, especially at Iowa State, is pretty prestigious around the country, and it’s one of the top programs in the country” said Reese. “It looks good on a resume and we’re lucky that we enjoyed it.”

Describe your relationship/experience as twins:

“We’re pretty attached, whether we like it or not,” Reid said. “We’re pretty similar in a lot of ways. We got jobs at the same company, in the same department and we’re getting a house together, so it’s pretty laughable.”

“It’s pretty nice starting a new job and knowing someone in town,” Reese said. “Also having two people to tackle a mortgage is pretty nifty. We’re lucky we get along so we can help each other out.”

Future Plans:

“We will both be working at Landus Cooperative here in town in the grain department,” said Reese. “I’ll be merchandising grain.”

“I’ll  be working as a grain buyer for four of our locations,” Reid said.


Barb McBreen, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Communications Service, 515-294-0707,

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