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Dr. Les Mathers III - Shorthorn Show Honoree

The American Shorthorn Association named Dr. Les Mathers III Show Honoree at the National Western.

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How many families can say they have been raising cattle since 1852? How many people can say they have won the pen show at the National Western Stock Show every year they have exhibited? How many families have had three generations of American Shorthorn Association Presidents? All of this can be answered by Dr. Les Mathers III, who was just named Show Honoree at the National Western by the American Shorthorn Association.   Mathers has a passion-filled history with the Shorthorn breed. His family started raising registered Shorthorns in 1852 and have been showing across the country for over 100 years. The operation, Leveldale Shorthorns, has been passed down four generations and is currently owned by Mathers and his family in Mason City, Illinois.  Their involvement in the industry goes beyond raising cattle. He has been very active in the association serving leadership roles at both the state and national level. He is the third generation in his family to serve on the American Shorthorn Association Board of Directors, including time as the American Shorthorn Association president.  Leveldale Shorthorns has always prided themselves on the fact that the cattle they raise offer plenty of utility. He says they can look pretty but they still need to calve on their own and breed back the following year. They really focus on producing low maintenance cattle for their customers.  It’s quite obvious Mathers' love for agriculture and the Shorthorn breed, but some may not know that he also has a passion for healthcare. Mathers III earned his Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Illinois before earning the title of medical doctor at the New Mexico School of Medicine. As a doctor he is involved in healthcare education in addition to raising cattle, and farming corn and soybeans at home.  Mathers said he is very honored to be named show honoree by the American Shorthorn Association. He said he is fortunate to have been able to grow up in an association surrounded by great people and great cattle. Mathers humbly accepted his award with his two daughters by his side at the National Western.

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