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Courtney Takes Home a Trophy


It’s an earlier morning than normal to get chores done, pre-bag feed rations for the other 16 show animals and head to FWSS.  Needless to say I decided to get a nap while on the drive up.

So my mom and I arrive just in time to have the typical family discussion (argument) of the dreaded weight card.  What do we turn him in at? Do we take 3 or 4 lbs?  Does he look full enough at that weight? ETC....!  Does this happen to any one else?  Can you relate?  

Once we finally came to an agreement about the weight card we could finally relax a bit and enjoy the beautiful day.  I got to visit with out new county agent about some fun projects we have coming up.  Drench the goat, literally 1000 times, eat dinner at the Cork & Pig and hang out with great friends!

Sunday - Show Time

A late night paired with a middle of the night run to the barn to make sure my goat was hydrated made for just a few hours of sleep before show day.

For some reason, the junior market goat show at the FWSS doesn’t start until 10 a.m., which makes for a long morning when drench time is 6 a.m. At least this gave me the opportunity to beat the long line at the cinnamon roll shop and enjoy some quiet time sitting in the stands watching the show ring get prepped.

I was in the sixth class of the day which put me in the middle weight division. My family and I had my goat dialed in and ready for show day. My class has right at 60 goats in it. I was fortunate enough to win my class! The medium weight drive didn’t exactly go my way so I didn’t get one of the coveted 6 sale holes the FWSS has for goat exhibitors.  Yes, I said the FWSS only allots 6 sale holes to the junior market goat exhibitors. Traditionally,  FWSS has 600-700 goats arrive for show day so needless to say the odds to earn a sale slot are pretty slim.  

My mom, brother and I headed home to take over feeding duties from my cousin,  get back to school, and begin preparing to leave for San Angelo early Friday morning with breeding does and market wether. Dad stayed to get the released the next morning.


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