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Courtney Gives Her Goat a Final Touch Up and Has to Stay Behind...for Now

Final Tweaks!

Ever feel like you there is not enough of you to go around? Well, I feel that day most days. Thursday night and Friday the feeling was even worse! My family and I spent the evening in the barn making final tweaks to my FW goat including one final 3 minute run on the treadmill, going over his clip job, discussing his drench routine for the weekend and gathering and loading tack. This paired with the normal routine of chores for 14 head of show animals and homework was a little much.

Yesterday morning was a little sad as my dad and brother pulled away with our neighbors headed to FW for move in day. I stayed back to go to class and help mom feed Friday night and Saturday morning.

Believe me when I say I would rather be in line at FW but, when you have already missed over 20 days of school and will probably miss 20 more you have stay back on days like this. Anyone else have this problem?

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