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Corn Prices May Add $5/cwt to Feedlot Cost of Gain

Assuming other costs remain constant, last month's increase in corn prices equates to an additional $5/cwt. for feedlot cost of gain, according to Brenda Boetel, Extension agricultural economist at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. "Using regression results obtained by Michael Langemeier from Purdue University that found each $0.10/bu. increase in corn prices increases feeding cost of gain by $0.87/cwt. and each $5/ton increase in alfalfa prices increases feeding cost of gain by $0.55/cwt., one can estimate that even if hay price and all other costs remain constant, cost of gain will increase by $5/cwt., given the May increase in price of corn," Boetel, explains. "This calculation assumes price remains at this level and feeders haven't conducted any hedging activities, but it highlights the increased costs of feeding producers should expect." In the latest issue of In the Cattle Markets, as of the first part of June, Boetel points out CME Corn futures for the front three months were up 59¢, which was 48¢ more than the 5-year average for the same period of time. "If one assumes corn planting will be down 6 million acres to 86.8 million acres and we see a decrease of 2 bu./acre to 174.6 bu./acre yield we would see a decrease in corn production of 554 million bu.," Boetel says. "Although the market may focus on the news concerning Mexico and trade, the long-term impact (and in my opinion the more likely scenario) of lower acres and yield will eventually have the greater impact on prices."- Cattle Current daily newsletter

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