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Charolais Breeders Plan Jerry Litton Memorial Wall Rededication

If you're going to the Missouri State Fair, be sure to drop by the Charolais barn to see a special remembrance of a cattle business legend in the breed - Jerry Litton. The rededication will be held on August 10th.

Litton is perhaps the most well-known Charolais breeder of all time. He came from humble beginnings and started his rise to prominence as National FFA Secretary. He saved money, graduated from college and became part-owner in Litton Charolais Ranch in Chillicothe, MO with his parents. This was in the 1960s, when French Charolais cattle were high flying and investment from rich folks set auction records.

According to the State Historical Site of Missouri, "They used innovative methods and state-of-the-art technology, including television monitors in the barns and computers to record statistics on the animals. Lauded by experts as 'the most sophisticated program ever instituted in the beef breeding industry,' Litton Charolais Ranch quickly became one of the premier livestock breeders in the United States."

He was also a gifted politician who served multiple terms as a U.S. Congressman and won Missouri's 1976 Democratic primary for the Senate.

Sadly, Litton and his family perished in a plane crash on the night he won the primary race; they were flying to Kansas City, Mo., to celebrate. He was only 39 years old. His legacy lives on in learning centers and foundation work that supports agriculture and education.


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