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California SCO Sale Tour

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Check out this online sale lineup from the West Coast! Head over to SC Online Sales to view these upcoming sales!

SEPTEMBER 22 Simon/Newton Online Sale: Faris: 209.769.8427 J: 559.269.1956

OCTOBER 6 Kerlee Cattle Steer, Heifer & Frozen Genetics Maddi: 209.648.7666 Aaron: 209.648.5008

OCTOBER 12 Fair Cattle Steer Sale Todd: 209.648.8240

OCTOBER 20 Simon/Newton Online Sale Faris: 209.769.8427 J: 559.269.1956

OCTOBER 31 Dillabo Livestock Made West Heifer Sale Dave: 541.581.9240

NOVEMBER 1 Bailey Cattle Best of the Brand Heifer Sale Alec: 530.864.5507

NOVEMBER 1 Gladman Show Cattle Female Sale John: 541.499.9569

NOVEMBER 4 Strickler Livestock Northern Elite Female Sale Shane: 530.570.6634

NOVEMBER 23 Fair Cattle - Heifers, Breds and Bull Sale Todd: 209.648.8240

Check out the map link to plan your trip!

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