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Aksarben Stock Show is Expanding To Allow More Youths To Enter

According to an article in the Grand Island Independent written by Pore, the Aksarben livestock show is going to expand and allow more youth from more states to enter.

They have added four states from which youths from age 9 to 19 can come to show their animals. The additional states are Wisconsin, Montana, Arkansas and Indiana.

Other states included in the stock show are Colorado, Kansas, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming.

According to Gregg Harder, Aksarben awarded $300,000 in scholarship money to participating youths. The show drew 2,200 youth exhibitors in 2018.

With more youths expected for this year’s show, they will also have more competition categories to enter. Last year, Aksarben didn’t have a poultry show. He said they pulled the poultry show out of the Aksarben schedule temporarily in order to reorganize it.

Harder said this year, the poultry show will return to the schedule and so far, the response has been good. The day after announcing the return of the Aksarben Poultry Show, they received orders for more than 300 baby chicks that youths will raise for the show

Harder also announced several new additions to the ongoing Aksarben livestock shows, including an expanded breeding category to include gilts and the addition of bred classes to the beef show.

Harder said the most significant change to the show is opening it up to all youths from 9 to 19 years old from the 14 invited states.

“We want to expand our pool of kids who can come to the show,” he said. “Some kids are just in 4-H or FFA, but you have some kids who are not in either organization. Their families may have cattle or some other kind of livestock, and they love to exhibit them. This just gives them a venue to come to Grand Island and exhibit.”

For the full article and more changes check out the link below:


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