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Ag Program In Florida Elementary School

How cool would it be if teaching the importance of agriculture and livestock was something that was taught to kids as early as elementary school? Well in Florida it is. Check out the story below!

By: Arthur Mondale

Three years ago Okeechobee County schools became the first school district in South Florida to offer an agriculture program at the elementary education level. The program combines responsibility and sustainability.

“If they’re going to be involved in agriculture, they need to know everything there is to know about agriculture,” said Leslie Lundy, director of grants and special programs for Okeechobee County Schools.

Every day, Everglades Elementary School students are scheduled to feed calves, collect chicken eggs and pick ripe vegetables. But there’s also rabbits to tend to, chicken coops to clean and plenty of raking and composting. It’s all part of Everglades’ Ag Program, a requirement for the school’s approximately 770 students.


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