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A Few Changes in Louisville to Know About

The NAILE put out a few changes yesterday that you might want to remember.

All Species

  • All Animals will enter the grounds at Gates 4 or 6. Gate 4 will be open 24/7

  • Health Papers will be checked at this time. All animals must be have a valid Health Paper with Official Identification (including transit animals).

  • Sale of Champions Auction will not be conducted. Additional premium will be awarded to Champion and Reserve Market Animals to equal the amount traditionally received from the Sale of Champions.

Beef Cattle

  • All Beef Cattle will be required to have a USDA 840 EID Tag. This includes all transit and sale cattle.

  • All Cattle will be required to have a BVD negative test. This includes all transit or sale cattle.

  • All Open Show Bulls will be weighed prior to entry in the show ring. Heifers may be weighed as well up to the discretion of the Breed Association and will be published in the Premium Book.

  • Feeder Calf Show: All entries will be singles, both Steers and Heifers. Sale will be optional at the time of entry. 40 head must be consigned at time of entry for the sale to be conducted. Entry fee - $50.

  • Steer Show: Grand Champion to receive $20,000; Reserve Grand Champion to receive $10,000; Grand and Reserve will remain terminal.

  • Junior Heifer Show: Electronic Papers will be accepted at check in. If the electronic papers are not tattoo verified-heifer must have her tattoos checked at check in.

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