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6 Ways to Stay Cool You Might Not Have Tried

If you're on the show road this summer, there isn't much you can do to avoid the heat short of only going to shows with air-conditioned barns. But you'd be missing a whole lot of shows. Here are a few practical ideas to cool off for those days when you are sweating through your clothes.

1. Where to Put Ice for the Maximum Cooling Effect

Your body has cooling points, so utilize them by placing ice packs, ice cubes, or a cold towel on your wrists, behind your knees, or tops of your feet if you can.

2. Keep Makeup, Lotions, Aftershave, etc. in the Fridge

Whatever you put on your face and body, keep in the refrigerator when you're not using it for a refreshing pick-me-up either at the beginning or end of the day. Those little mini-fridges in the hotel can come in handy for more than just cold beer.

3. Make Your Own Cooling Gear

If you've ever bought some of those fancy towels and wraps at the sports store, you know how expensive they can be! Save that money for a snow cone and make your own. Wet a bandanna, put a few ice cubes down the center, roll it up, and tie it around your neck. If you keep a cooler in the stalls you can refresh it as long as you have ice or cold water.

4. Try Frozen Water Bottles Instead of Misters Put a couple of frozen bottles of water in front of a fan. Keep your misters on your stock, but give this a try when you're so hot you can't take it anymore.

5. Take a cool shower just before bed.

Back at the hotel room or your own house, sometimes you're still too hot to get to sleep. Here's the key - after the shower, don’t dry your body or hair. This will lower your body temperature just a little to help you get some zzz, especially during the first 2 hours of sleep, which is usually the most important as it is the deepest. And if there is a ceiling fan, even better.

6. For Emergency Use Only

If you must, douse your naked body with water and stand in front of a fan. Just make sure nobody else is on the wash rack:) Seriously though, this might work for your littles who aren't as modest as the rest of us.


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