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5 Tips for Texas Heifer Exhibitors for Major Show Season

With stock show season firing up, the Texas Youth Livestock Validation and Education committee has put out these tips to make heifer validation at major show this spring as easy as possible.

1. Remember to check ear tattoos PRIOR to leaving home: a) If you can't read them, show officials can't read them either. It's always better to be safe than sorry. b) If you realize the tattoo has faded once you have arrived at the show, the supervising CEA/AST should be notified immediately to get the animal a new tattoo.

2. Exhibitors should be aware of where the tattoo is located to help show officials streamline the tattoo verification process after the animals has been placed.

3. Please bring your original registration papers. The registration papers presented at the show ring should match the papers that were submitted at the time of validation.

4. While we're talking about registration papers... place them in hour show harness so you don't forget them during the hustle and bustle of show day! All exhibitors must bring their registration papers with them to the show arena.

5. If you are substituting a heifer, the heifer must be state validated in order to be elibigle to show.

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