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2019 American Royal Judges

The American Royal is pleased to announce the 2019 American Royal Livestock Show Judges. More details at www.americanroyal.com/livestock/livestock-show. Premium Book and DNA Order Form available May 20.#Royal120 #AR2019LVS

2019 American Royal Livestock Show Judges

Open Breeding Cattle:

American Aberdeen - Jared Boyert- Iowa

Angus - Chris Cassady- Illinois

Braunvieh - Cody Green- Arkansas

Charolais - Kyle Conley- Oklahoma

Gelbvieh - Gregg Stewart- Kansas

Hereford - Jirl Buck- Oklahoma

Limousin - Nick Fitzimmons- Oklahoma

Maine-Anjou - Travis Pembrook- Oklahoma

Miniature Hereford - Gregg Stewart- Kansas

Red Angus - Mark Core- Iowa

Salers - Lydell Meier- Tennessee

Shorthorn - Donnie Robertson- Oklahoma

Simmental - Tim Fitzgerald- Pennsylvania

Junior Breeding Shows:

Angus - Nick Fitzsimmons- Oklahoma

AOB/Commercial - Nick Fitzsimmons- Oklahoma

Braunvieh - Lydell Meier- Tennessee

Charolais - Jack Oattes- Canada

Gelbvieh - Callahan Grund- Kansas

Hereford - Jack Oattes- Canada

Limousin - Jack Oattes- Canada

Maine-Anjou - Graham Blagg- Kansas

Miniature Herefords - Lydell Meier- Tennessee

Red Angus - Callahan Grund- Kansas

Salers - Callahan Grund- Kansas

Shorthorn - Graham Blagg- Kansas

Simmental - Jack Oattes- Canada

Supreme - Chris Mullenix- Kansas

Breeding Gilt - Jeremy Cantrell- Oklahoma

Junior Market Animals:

Goat - Slayton Strube- Texas

Lamb - Jimmy Davis- Oklahoma

Steer - Brandon Callis- Oklahoma

Swine - TBD

Showmanship Contests:

Steer/Junior Heifer - Amy Cowan/Lindsey Broek- Missouri

Goat - Josh Cody- Texas

Lamb - Terry Burks- Kentucky

Swine - Brandon Yantis- Illinois

Junior Heifer - TBD

* The American Royal Management reserves the right to cancel events or change judges when necessary due to unforeseen circumstance.


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