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Why Labs Aren't Cow Dogs

If you've ever owned a yellow lab, you know how shameless they can be about getting attention. Meet Daisy, a yellow lab owned by John Naig of Minnesota, and his daughter's Simmental show heifer, Pippa.

John explains" It was extremely cold, -35 degrees windchill to be exact, in Minnesota that morning.  Daisy went into the fenced area and sat by Pippa while we were doing chores.  Pippa thought Daisy should be warmed up with a nice, warm bath."

His video went viral and John decided to set up a Go Fund Me account with it to see if they could get some help renovating the family farm's 1930s-era barns.

We want to see YOUR farm/cow dogs, too! Send pics or video to or text to 817-832-3423.


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