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Nebraska 4-H member, 12, raises over $30,000 for classmate with Leukemia

Marie Ford, a 4-H member from Nebraska, has been raising money - a lot of it - for a classmate with Leukemia.

From NTV News

by Christopher Stum

HOLDREGE, Neb. — Last month we told you about 12–Year–old Marie Ford's generous plans to raise money for her classmate, Garrett Scholz, after he had a relapse with leukemia this year.

Today, Marie showed up to the Phelps County Fair 4–H Auction this morning, having already collected over $15,000 for Garret's medical expenses. Marie said once people heard what she was doing for her classmate, the donations came from all over the State of Nebraska as supporters of the state's 4–H programs wanted to help.

"So many people have been praying, which is awesome," said Ford. "They're also giving for his medical expenses and have just really been with him for this whole journey."

Since our last update, Garrett has been doing well, and was even able to make it out to the auction today to see in person how 4–H'ers are behind helping him beat cancer. He said he's grateful for Maria's dedication to help raise money for his medical expenses.

"It's really nice of her," said Scholz. "She never really had to do anything like that, but she did and it was really nice."

As of today, Marie has raised a grand total of $36,300 through donations and this year's 4–H auction for Garrett's medical expenses.

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