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More Than A Jacket - Dalton Line

Dalton Line with past AJMAA presidents Taylor Dorsey & Adison Niese

Dalton Line, American Junior Maine-Anjou Association President

I attend Iowa State University where I am currently studying Animal Science Pre Veterinary Medicine. I am from Seaton, Illinois which is a very small town in the western part of Illinois. I have two amazing parents, Todd and Joyce. I also have an older brother and younger sister, Aj and Payton. We all live a row crop operation where we farm about 5500 acres and have about 200 head of mostly Maine-Anjou, Angus and Simmental cattle. Our main focus of our operation is to be able to provide crossbred and breeding cattle that will last generations come to be able to produce high quality show and commercial cattle.

How long have you been showing Maine-Anjou cattle for? What made you stick to that specific breed?

I have been showing Maine-Anjou cattle since I was about 9 years old. I think at the age I chose to stick with this breed because they were easy to work with and have that good eye appeal for the show ring. I think now that I am 20 years old, I continue to choose Maine-Anjou cattle over any other breed because they provide a broad range of change to other breeds when either creating purebreds or just percentage Maine-Anjou cattle. They are also a profitable market at any point because they provide the correct muscling and structure needed in the show and commercial aspects of the livestock industry.

Who is your role model?

My two biggest role models would have to be my mother and father. They both are driven to do what is best for their family by giving each and everyone of us the opportunity to succeed in any aspect of life. I am beyond grateful for how my parents have supported their children within sports, school and definitely the livestock industry.

What is your favorite memory being part of your junior board?

My favorite part of being part of the AJMAA would have to be working with some of the industry's brightest and most outstanding future leaders. This group of young adults that I get to call some of my closest friends and family has forever changed my life. One of my favorite memories so far would have to be our 2018 fall retreat. Here we would have our annual fall meeting to discuss bylaw changes and other new business. We would also do some team building exercises where we became that much closer to a family than ever.

What did it feel like to be elected president of your board?

To be elected President of the AJMAA is one of those moments that I have looked forward too for awhile now. Over the past year of being on the Junior board of directors for the Maine Anjou breed has been one of the best moments of my life. Being able to meet so many new and amazing people within the Maine Anjou breed we forever have an impact on my life. Honestly to be elected president by my peers was such an amazing feeling. It meant to me that they see me as a leader and a friend that they can trust to represent our junior board and our breed for the next upcoming year and into the future.

What would you tell someone who is considering running for a junior board position?

I would tell them to take every chance you get in life. I would give them the same advice that my father gives me. Every opportunity has two outcomes, one is you try, you either fail or succeed and learn from the outcome. The other is if you do not try, you live with regret and you will never learn from your mistakes or successes. No matter what it is, if you follow your hopes and dreams and never give up on them, you will forever will be happy and create an amazing life within the livestock industry.


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