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Meet the Manager

Earlier this week we introduced Roland Schumaker as 1/2 of the dynamic duo responsible for SC Online Sales. His "other half" truly needs no introduction, as he is a well-known and well-respected man in the livestock arena.

Dave Guyer wears "a coat of many colors" as he describes it... Along with being Co-Owner and GM of SCO, he owns/operates Guyer Cattle Company, owns Natural Solutions for Livestock, is a representative for Show-Rite Feeds...oh, and he is a husband and "show dad" extraordinaire

After several years of buying livestock online, Dave felt like there was a need in the industry. A need for something new...something different. He didn't know exactly what that would look like, but he had a business partner and a vision and for him, that was enough to take the leap. And he's never looked back.

"If you were to say on a scale of 1-10 are we a 10? Absolutely not. So that challenge of being a 10 and advancing, that would be my outlook down the road..."

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