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Limousin to Induct Gene Raymond into Hall of Fame

Donations and letters of support can be sent directly to the NALF office at 6205 South Main Street, Suite D-280, Aurora, CO 80016-5370. Checks can be made payable to NALF HOF account.

The North American Limousin Foundation is proud to induct its 7th member into the North American Limousin Foundation Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame Committee has approved the induction of Gene Raymond of GV Limousin into the Limousin Hall of Fame. We are planning on having induction ceremonies take place at the Limousin Junior Nationals this summer to be held in Springfield, Mo.

The Hall of Fame Committee is asking for donations to induct Mr. Raymond that will finance his portrait on display at the NALF headquarters in Denver, Colo. and for the family, in addition to funds that will go to NALJA youth scholarships in Gene’s name for future generations.

NALF ask that donations be made by June 15.

NALF would appreciate letters of support to put in the binder for the HOF Library and the family. Please send letters to the NALF office.

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