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Dino Cornay Original Brings $27,000 for Hereford Youth Foundation

Last night the original drawing "Timeless" from Dino Cornay sold for $27,000 to Barber Ranch, Bill King Ranch, Colyer Herefords & Angus and Cottonwood Springs, Nancy Keilty.

According to the foundation, “Timeless” is an original pencil drawing which effortlessly depicts the permanent stamp the Hereford breed has placed on the beef industry. The drawing brings to life a horned and polled Hereford bull with a young calf representing the generations of history and progress within the breed."

This was one of several high-quality items auctioned off last night to benefit scholarships, education and leadership activities within the Hereford breed.

The promotion for the auction told Cornay's story. "A 4th generation rancher, Cornay and his family have spent nearly 150 years on the land he calls home. Not remembering which came first — holding a pencil or riding horseback working cattle with his father, Carlos — Cornay has always been fascinated with his surroundings. In junior high school, he was well-known to the janitors for his daily drawings that appeared on desktops. "With pencil still in hand, he earned a bachelor’s degree in animal science from Kansas State University and journeyed back home. Cornay credits some of his best education to immersing himself in daily ranch work. Being steeped in ranching and cowboy tradition his entire life has inspired Cornay to authentically portray the western lifestyle with apt attention to detail. “My days in the classroom had their place, but I’m fascinated by my everyday surroundings,” Cornay says. “You have to truly know and live the experiences. Details and accuracy matter. It’s a sign of well-deserved respect to tell their story, and it’s my job to get it right.”

Hats off to your Hereford people - first class job! What we want to know is ... who gets to hang the artwork on their wall?

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