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California Junior Livestock Association Board Member Applications Due Feb 1

Beginning with the 2019 year, the CJLA is revising the process of being selected to serve on the Junior Board of Directors. Previously, members were nominated for the Board in each Specie by the membership of those divisions. Participation by the membership was minimal and potentially left out members who truly wanted to serve on the Board. Therefore, members will now have the opportunity to serve on the Board by filling out an Application. The California Junior Livestock Association Junior Board consists of 8 members. 2 Directors are chosen to represent each of the species – Beef (steer and heifer); Sheep (mkt lamb and wether dam ewe); Goat (mkt goat and wether dam doe); and Swine (mkt hog). The Junior Board Members will assist with various events and activities throughout the year.

How Do I Apply? Fill out the Application on the association's website and email to Heidi Beljean at by FEBRUARY 1, 2019. Please direct questions about this application or the role of a Junior Board Member to Heidi Beljean at 408-888-2503 or by email to


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